Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why is it critical to be simple and sweet?

Every educated person and student must cultivate simplicity and discard ostentation. If they are addicted to pompousness, they lose their genuine nature or individuality. Even if a person is a master of all sciences or famous as a great intellectual, he is certain to be counted out of scholars and pundits if he has no humility and discipline in his dealings with others. He may win respect for some time but that will decline pretty soon. Alertness to serve and simplicity alone will confer honour on a person. When one gives up an attitude of pretentiousness, one earns permanent respect from people. Real education imparts a spirit of renunciation, a dislike for ostentation, and the yearning for serving others.

How to see through the delusion and remain focussed on our goal?

Every being has its own Dharma or innate specialty or individuality or special characteristics. This rule applies equally to blades of grass and the stars. The cosmos is not one continuous flux; it progresses persistently towards achieving a totality in the qualities and circumstances. But if you are too immersed in the all-pervasive delusion, you cannot elevate yourself. When in delusion, you are not aware of the path of peace and harmony in the world. You will also not be able to hold on to the good and avoid the bad, and establish yourself in the righteous path. However, you can transform yourself from the present status through self-effort and discrimination. The moral forces permeating the cosmos will certainly promote your achievement!