Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why are there 'devotees' and 'non-devotees'?

God does not incarnate merely for the destruction of the wicked. Truly speaking, God incarnates primarily for the sustenance of the faithful, the devoted, the virtuous and the good. But even the faithless and the bad, use the chance for their own purpose. In the Bhagavatha, stories of wicked persons intervene amidst the accounts of the Glory and Grace of God. These stories do not make the Bhagavatha any less holy. When the sweet juice has been squeezed out of the sugarcane, the bagasse is discarded. When the sweetness of Divine Majesty has been tasted, the pulp can be thrown out. The cane has both bagasse and sugar; it cannot be only sugar. So too, devotees have to be amidst the faithless; they cannot be without the others.