Saturday, June 21, 2014


Knowledge can be considered as having two aspects: Baahya Vidya and Brahma Vidya. Baahya Vidya provides the wherewithal for human livelihood. You can study many subjects, earn valuable degrees, acquire lucrative job and manage to spend your life with no worry and fear. This type of Vidya helps you perform whatever job you may doing, be it that of a humble clerk or a prime minister. Brahma Vidya, on the other hand, endows you with the strength, that will enable you to discharge successfully the duty you owe to yourself. It lays down the path which leads both to joy in worldly relations and bliss in the life beyond. Therefore, Brahma Vidya is far superior to all Vidya available to man on earth.


Egoism is of the earth, earthy; not of heaven, heavenly. So, Naraka is the son of the Earth. And, be is called Nara ka, Nara means, man, who knows his Manas (mind), who practises Manana (discriminating reflection on what he has heard and what he has been taught). But, naraka which also means hell, is the name appropriate to one who believes he is the body and toils to cater to its needs and its clamour. When man grows in physical strength, economic power, mental alacrity, intellectual scholar-ship and political authority, and, does not grow in spiritual riches, he becomes a danger to society and s calamity to himself. He is a Naraka to his neighbours and his kin. He sees only the many, not the One; he is drawn by the scintillating manifold into the downward path of perdition. A suras have another name in Sanskrit Nakthancharas, 
 those who move about in the dark. This is a fair description of their A pathetic condition. They have no light to guide them; they do not recognise that, they are in the dark; they do not call out for light; they are unaware of the Light. Their intellect has become the bond slave of their passions and their senses, instead of establishing itself as their master. When at last, Truth appears before them and over¬whelms them, they recognise the One and merge happily in it.